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30: Farewell Episode


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Sadly, Marcia and Lisle have decided to discontinue this podcast. They explain why and share some of their takeaways from their guests’ culture clash stories, such as the importance of not making assumptions, keeping a sense of humor, going with the flow, appreciating one’s own culture without feeling superior to the other, and learning from our differences. The podcast feed will be discontinued in December of 2016, and after that time all episodes will be inaccessible via the regular links. World Citizen Storycast’s Website will also come down in the Spring of 2017. However, all episodes are being moved over one by one to and should eventually all be accessible there.

You can continue to search for and listen to previous episodes HERE

Thank you to all who shared their very personal and enlightening multicultural stories, and to all of you who listened to World Citizen Storycast over the more than 14 months it was being produced.


29: The Good, the Bad, and the Quiet


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Is America really the greatest country in the world; if so, why? Should we be concerned that by living abroad we may miss important developments in our home country? Why hasn’t delicious traditional Korean food caught on more in the States? How does it feel to return home after years of always being treated like a special foreign guest? After reading a compelling article Bart Shaneman wrote about the reverse culture shock he experienced returning to quiet rural Nebraska after five years living in South Korea, Marcia and Lisle contacted him Continue reading

28: Finding Grandmother


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Jessica moved from Canada to South Korea and that’s where she met a handsome guy from the Philippines. But her international adventures had only begun, as she and her new husband decided to set off in hopes of uncovering a family mystery. Continue reading

27: Wrong for the Right Reason


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When might volunteer tourism do more harm than good? Robin Mauney and Lisle once worked for the same international charitable organization. For the past five years, though, Robin has been living in Cambodia, where she’s been working as an American independent consultant Continue reading

26: Before I Tell My Story


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Third Culture Kids refers to people who have spent a significant part of their childhood living in cultures other than that of their passport country. They often find it challenging to define their own culture, or even to decide where in the world they belong. In this episode, Kathleen talks about being a TCK born into a globe-hopping family Continue reading

25: Not Married, Just Dating


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After wandering around SE Asia, Andrea settled on Taiwan as a great place to live, but she’s not yet sure it’s a permanent relationship, and she shares a few match maker and match breaker points with us. Continue reading

24: Knowing the Place, Knowing Myself


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Dan Ware grew up in Walla Walla, Washington where he became good friends with Marcia in high school. His awareness of the world outside this small city was greatly expanded when he and Marcia both joined a globally focused religion, the Baha’i Faith. Later, Dan’s experience as a citizen of a diverse world further blossomed after he came to terms with his identity as a gay man and eventually started his own business as the owner and operator of an international tour company catering exclusively to gay men. Continue reading

23: That Love Hate Relationship


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While in Brazil, Jackie from Scotland met a man from France, and they settled down together in Paris to raise their children. The honest stories she shares about common misunderstandings about British and French personalities spark as many questions as answers about cultural stereotypes. Continue reading

22: Flattering Harassment


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After trying out the serious life of being an accountant in an office for a while, Yulia, from Russia, decided to trade it in for the freedom of an international travel blogger. From her current residence in Paris, she kept us entertained with her experiences from around the world. Continue reading

21: Something I Miss


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Ruby, a young woman who grew up on the beautiful Pacific paradise island nation of Tonga, relocated to Canada, married a man from Nepal and raised two children in a newly blended world of three cultures. Along the way, she discovered that homesickness can deeply impact and even define someone’s cross-cultural experience. Continue reading

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